DAVID BANKS Photographie contemporaine

12 Jun 2018 -- Posted by : admin



David was never one to stay inside. He didn't understand the importance of open spaces, not until he was given a Kodak 35 film camera. The fact that he could see a new world for the first time through a small square view finder, intrigued  david so much so, that he began to discover how important  light is to photography. 

David has a tendency to  work alone as a Photographer, this allows him to study his subject in such a way, that he can get close to understanding what is expected of him. Responsibility to portray light, is always the upmost importance for it is the very essence of life, and all that we see. There are many  hidden details which go unseen by the onlooker.

Whilst looking at davids work, it becomes clear on how he develops a relation between, nature and man made structures, simply by studying the  composition, light and geometric form. All these elements can be found within nature.David is very privileged to be close to nature, develop a certain trust which enables david to photograph his subjects in full beauty.

Davids  journey begins, with out knowing where it will end ! The process of discovery unveils hidden secrets along the way. David  never sets out with a goal.

Photography. "I am just an eye witness, telling my version of a story".