David BANKS - Photographer

As a photographer I tend to work alone, this allows me to study my subject. I can get close to understanding what the architect wants to express in his art work. I feel as though many hidden details are unseen by the onlooker who passes by not noticing geometric shapes floating above them. I have the great privilege to capture these amazing forms by the simple means of a camera, and transforming what people see in front of them!


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Archival inkjet Printing

18 Apr 2020, 13:17

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Epson Pro 3800

18 Apr 2020, 14:30

A compact, high performance professional A2 desktop printer

Epson PRO R2880

18 Apr 2020, 14:48


"Let us together create the new building of the future, which will be everything in one form: architecture and sculpture and painting."

Walter Gropius

Online Store:

I have colated a small selection of my favouite images and made them available to purchase as limited edition prints each is printed using archive pigment on Japanese Awagami, washi, Bamboo, fine art paper.


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